Change a peep’s name to one of the cheats below. You may re-enter the names over and over again for a repeated action.

ATITech All guests and staff in the park move faster than normal.
Atari All guests laugh.
Mouse All guests stop moving and look down at the ground.
Make Me Sick All guests throw up and nausea is reduced to zero.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel All of your staff become fully trained for $1,000.
Frontier All rides and coasters never break down as long as the cheat is active.
Rabbit Animals will mate.
Atomic Explosions from coaster crashes are bigger.
Andrew Gillett Friction on all roller coasters is reduced. This can help coasters from RCT1
or RCT2 run correctly.
Shifty Guests dance around.
Chris Sawyer Guests jump and cheer.
PhotoStory Guests near a photo spot admire the view.
Jon Roach Guests will ride all non-coasters before leaving the park.
Sam Denney Guests will ride all roller coasters before leaving the park.
Melanie Warn Guests’ happiness increases.
Ghost Town No new guests will enter the park, ones already in the park may stay.
Rick Griffiths The insides of all tunnels (sides, ceiling, and floor) change from rubble to
Alistair Lindsay The speed of all sound effects are changed when pausing the game and using
fast and fastest speeds.
John Wardley You can build coasters and rides with no height restrictions.
David Braben You can build coasters and rides with unlimited launch and chain-lift
David Walsh You can hide the user interface (icons, menus, etc.) by using CTRL-U while
the cheat is active. Use CTRL-U to show them again.
M Brookes You can place walls and scenery items on path edges.
James Hunt You can ride a dune buggy across the park. When you’re done, exit and delete
the buggy as scenery.
FPS You can see the FPS rate (frames per second).
Alvin Swazonegger You can use large movies for your billboards.
Jonny Watts You can use PeepCam (view what your guest would see).
Guido Fawkes You can use the Advanced Fireworks Editor.
D Lean You can use the Flying Camera Routes editor.
John D Rockefeller You get $10,000