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Hey! Hope you like the site, and just in case you didn’t, send us a message telling us what you don’t like! All comments are taken into consideration for the best experience here at the RCTDataBase. We are looking to expand our database far beyond the Atari community website, so for those of you with other resources, let us know! We want to provide the most complete list of working links to completed projects.

Do you have custom scenery that needs to be hosted?
We don’t typically host custom creations, but if you are an aspiring custom scenery creator that would like space other than megaupload/rapidshare/etc. and need a place to house your stuff, we are here for you. Fill out the form below, and get some free hosting and exposure to your sets! You will maintain rights to all of your work, we will simply have a more permanent space for you. Check out our Host My Files page for more information.

Do you have custom scenery that we missed?
Send us the link, and tell us a bit about it. It takes quite some time to scour the internet for sets, and some sets are overlooked. Help us, to help you. Make sure we don’t miss a set. We usually only post finished items, or those that are vast improvements over the game.

We do not accept Works-in-progress unless:

  • It is developed further than a simple sketchup, or 3D model
  • Has a decent following and the community is eager to see it
  • Something that will benefit the RCT world far beyond a simple set
  • It is a custom rollercoaster, flat ride, or tracked ride

Do you want to advertise on Options are as follows:

  • Advertising is done on a monthly basis at a flat rate
  • Rates can be discussed, but optimally would be $10/mo.
  • Companies should be somehow related to RCT in order to be accepted, though not required
  • All prices are subject to change, and all sites are subject to approval

All questions, comments, or concerns will be taken into account.
If scenery is uploaded in the form, you agree to let RCTDataBase host your files free of charge. You will still maintain rights to the work. We will email you back once the upload is complete, and a post has been created for you.


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Thank you.