Summer Showdown – Round 2

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Summer Showdown 2008

Photo credit -Nuclear Fish-

It’s time for challenge 2! This challenge’s requirements are as follows:

  1. Asian/African Themed Area (with a name)
  2. Rides w/connecting paths (no stray rides) themed accordingly
  3. Make it feel like a park with shops, and seating areas
  4. The area does NOT have to be filled (don’t leave rides spread out)
    1. Ride rules:
      1. First must be from Thrill Rides
      2. 2nd must be from either Gentle, or Junior Rides
      3. 3rd must be either thrill, gentle, junior or other
        1. motorbikes, soap box derby, squeaky cycles, and steeple chase CANNOT be used
    2. Rides may be used as scenery as well
  5. Peep naming/options.txt cheats ARE allowed
  6. Keep it realistic

Deadline: August 11th.
Follow along here! *opens in new window*

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