Winter Showdown – Challenge 1

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Photo Credit: -Nuclear Fish-

Photo Credit: -Nuclear Fish-

The winter challenge has begun, and I now present you with the first challenge!

Basic rules:

  • Must be “winter” themed – a.k.a. Santa’s grotto, or a winter wonderland
  • Map size must be 60×60 or any variation (ie. 50 x 70)
  • New requirements are added every monday until the due date, suggested 20×20 per ride
  • Deadline is Sunday Dec. 21st

Requirement 1:

  • Entrance area – mainstreet, whatever you want – one gift shop, one food shop, one drink shop
  • Make a good first impression
  • Only widely available Custom Scenery allowed
  • No custom rides
  • Billboards can be used (as long as images are included)
  • Options.txt cheats can be used

Read more on this here… Good luck:

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