Gadget’s Intamin Drop Tower CFR

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Photo Credit: gadget

Photo Credit: gadget

It’s here. It’s finally here. This marvelous and highly detailed model is now yours to download. Make sure you get it, as it is absolutely incredible.

Access forum and files:
View Thread | Download (Click Flat Rides -> Intamin Drop tower)

13 Responses

  1. Jake

    It’s in the game alright but when i try to build the CFR it freezes and says no :svd for :sid and if you need to know im on a Lenovo Windows 7 laptop, thanks, please reply.

  2. Dan

    It goes into the game ok but when i try to place it it says no :svd found for :sid
    Can anyone help with this? Also if you need to know my computer its a Windows 7 Home premium Lenovo laptop.

  3. Raleigh

    I am playing this game on a Mac computer and I cannot seem to download this into the game. I already have the file downloaded, but I cannot put it into the game. Does anyone in the same boat as me know how to do this?

  4. Greg

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  5. Alex

    It doe’s not work on window’s 7 and i want it downloaded can you fix the Download.

  6. Elijah

    It is on my flat ride list on the game now unlike 5 days ago. Now the problem is whenever i click on it to build it the freakin game freezes, i press ctrl+alt+esc to see whats wrong and it says no svd for sid. I dont know what I did wrong. This is not the only cfr/ctr that froze up the damn game though.

  7. Elijah

    I am very dissapointed in this cfr, I placed the file in the style/custom folder and it does not show up in the game. does anyone know a solution to this?

  8. CCMM

    Well, I’m very happy to see that you like this video and have chosen to put it on another site. That tells me that it was a good enough video to have it as the main video for the ride. Anywho! Excellent work on the ride, its the best CFR I have in the game.


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