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A simple CFR that places up to 90 peeps seated in a comfortable one arquibancada. Optimum of everything it is that the Stadium occupies little space very, specifically, 4 x 6, that is, 24 tiles, or if to prefer, squared of space of the RCT3

Credits: RCT Advanced

Credits: RCT Advanced

As shown Here, the stadium suits well with any scenary or ride, once i downloaded this i had the stadium placed next to my top thrill drag race coaster, suited really well and gave it that extra realistic feel.

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Thread & Download

7 Responses

  1. Cole

    Its kinda confusing cause i cant find out how to download the thing. When i click on thread and download cause all the writing was in spanish

  2. newmodder

    I downloaded this and put it into the folder “styles”. But when i clicked on it in the game, it crashed andd said “no :svd for :sid”
    What happened????

  3. RydersMulisha

    im not to sure actually, ill have a look around and see what i can find,

  4. Jan

    Where are the airboats from? I search Airboats for the invisible track because the original ones doesn’t fit on it.


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