Vodhin.org Back Online


As of September 20th, 2010 – Vodhin.org is back online! The new site is currently being adjusted, so some sections may be a bit different. There are plenty of details of what’s going on under the hood on his site – so I’d advise you to read those on the site. I’m glad everything worked out, and everyone was patient enough to wait it out while Vodhin sorted through everything.

Let’s all welcome back the site, and continue to push RCT3 to new heights!

This site is no longer in operation.

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  1. alfs

    as of 2012, RCT3 is dead. All of its modders have gone on to other things, maybe a hand full of people still play this game. Kinda sad to see it dead.

    • Ricky

      FAR from dead, my man. MANY of us are still playing!! once i study enough good tutorials, I plan to contribute come creations of my own. 🙂

  2. mj

    no there not. i just went there and it says you have to sign up to go on the site. but they said I have t o be 13 to sign up.Unfortunatly i’m only 11.


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