B&M Coaster Add-ons

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Photo Credit: xIWillDestroYouAllx

Similar to the Mini coaster set posted yesterday, this set includes more breaks and fins for you to give that realism touch to your rides. Block breaks for sit down and inverted coasters included, as well as angled versions and diagonals. All bases are covered with this 10 piece set. Get yours today.

Download files:

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  1. matthew

    I did everything YOU told me to do @xIWillDestroyYouAllx ! I was so looking forward to using this magnificent, brill set you created & placed it into the “Style/Themed” Folder. Extracted it with ‘WinRar’ and thoroughly read the “Read Me” to follow the instructions provided. Bewildered and totally bemused by the fact that it still crashed & I still recieved the dreaded “No SVD for SID Error” I avoided it b4, but couldn’t this time. P.S, you’re DL Link has a line through it probably meaning it doesn’t work. Probs corrupted or broken file.

  2. Rct3Master54

    ^ You haven’t extracted the correct file. In the .rar file, you’ve got one folder named “xIWillDestroYouAllx B&M Coaster Add-ons” or a thing like that. OPEN this folder, and you will got a read-me, and the folder to extract in your Style/Theme folder.


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