Coasterfreak’s Top Thrill Dragster Station Set

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Photo Credit: coasterfreak

Photo Credit: coasterfreak

If you’ve seen coasterfreaks’ other station set, then you’ll love this one too. For all of you Top Thrill Dragster fans, this set will theme any station just the way you want it. Download now.

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  1. Coasterfreak

    It’s in there……there are 3 different placements. They are called “light trees.” Light Tree-Full Tile, Light Tree-Half tile, and Light Tree-Quarter Tile.

  2. Anthony

    Loved the set but the only thing I was disappointed about was that there was no red yellow green light thing like you have in your picture and like on the real thing, still an awesome set! Nice work! P.S if you could please tell me where you got the red, yellow, green light thing. Thanks!


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