Ghost Mine Custom Scenery – Set 1

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Photo Credit: Wagi

Photo Credit: Wabigbear

Considering there are alot of pieces in each set, I decided to make separate posts for each one, to showcase them in their full potential. But first, a little background about the pieces. Many of you may have already seen the Fisherman’s Ghost Mine video (if not see links below) and if not, it’s definately worth the 400+ MB download. The pieces in these 6 kits are not at all perfect, or even well made, according to the creators themselves. They were made specifically for Fisherman to use with is ride. To get a ride close to that magnitude of detail will take quite some time. Many objects in the sets have high poly counts (which cause lag) but they were made to Fisherman’s specifications. Use the high poly pieces sparingly, unless you have a futuristic supercomputer powered by nuclear energy and using Earth’s oceans to cool it down, but that’s beside the point…

For those of you that haven’t seen the video, please take the time to watch it. It is graciously hosted on two sites:

Now onto the scenery!

Included in this set is:
GhostMine Logo Sign –
Cave Roof –
Cave Wall – (3)
Bat Walls (4)
Double Doors – Closed
Steam Donkey – (2) **WARNING: HIGH POLY COUNT
Animated Bat (3)
Rotten Curtains
Rotten Flooring
Rotten/Burned Carpets (2)
Old Bed
Roll Top Desk
Rusty Kitchen Stove
Old Kitchen Sink
Wood Stove
Round Table
Dirty Bathtub
Mine Carts (3)
Cart Loads (3)
Mine Track (3)
Wood Barrels (3)
Corpse Walls (4)
Blinking Eye Walls (4)
Old Window Wall
Old Wallpaper Wall
Old Plaster Wall
Moldy Plaster Wall
Interior doorways (2)
Old Portraits (9)
Old Sampler
McManus (2)
Townsfolk (10)

Additional credits for the scenery can be seen in this post.

Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

View Thread here:

Download here:


I’ve been a bit slow with keeping up with the RCT news lately, but that’s because I am one person. I’m doing this alone and can only check every so often of the sites. So if you would like to help out, please contact me.

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