Ghost Mine Custom Scenery – Set 3

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Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

Well it’s time for the third set in the mix. I’ve also taken the liberty to actually add the download link this time across the three posts, because that would have been a disaster not being able to download these 5 incredible sets. This time the post is dedicated to signage. That’s right! Billboards, billboards, err… signs!



For those of you that haven’t seen the video, please take the time to watch it. It is graciously hosted on two sites: 



Now onto the scenery!

This set includes:
Various Assorted Signs
Billboards – (3)
Tree Roots
Chain for Hanging Lamp 

Additional credits for the scenery can be found here

Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

View Thread here:

Download here: 

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