Ghost Mine Custom Scenery – Set 4

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Photo Credit: wabigbear
Photo Credit: wabigbear

If you’ve seen the video, you’ll probably want those awesome walls that basically encased the entire ride. I would too, that’s why this post is dedicated to the walls! And what a huge lot of them did they make! They come in three style with missing planks in them (as alphas to hide more walls inside these walls!) Also the ceiling pieces are in two angles and textures for all sorts of worn out looks. Along with the walls is a rusty chimney included.


For those of you that haven’t seen the video, please take the time to watch it. It is graciously hosted on two sites: 


Now onto the scenery!

This set includes:
Newer solid wood walls
wood with missing planks
solid wood with missing planks
path pieces
flat roof pieces
angled roof pieces (2 slopes)
transition pieces
rusty chimney
open barn door
entry way (2 textures)
exterior walls with signage 

Additional credits for the scenery can be found here


Photo Credit: wabigbear

Photo Credit: wabigbear

View Thread here:

Download here: 


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