Ghost Mine Custom Scenery – Set 5

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Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn

Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn

Since this is a joint operation, it’s only fair for ImagineerJohn to have his name on the Ghost Mine logos =p. This set includes exclusive animated ride events for the Ghost Mine ride. A train, falling rocks, waterfalls, and more inside! This set is sure to scare the pants off people if used correctly… just watch Fisherman’s video, you’ll see why.

For those of you that haven’t seen the video, please take the time to watch it. It is graciously hosted on two sites:

Now onto the scenery!

This set includes:
Animated train
variety of crows
roof beam animation
beam door animation
waterfalls – similar to the coaster kit
explosion ride event
rock fall ride event

Additional credits for the scenery can be found here

Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn

Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn

View Thread here:

Download here:

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