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Good Morning RCT3 Fans, Its 7am here in Tasmania, Australia, Its Freezing cold, pretty sure it will start snowing soon, my feet and Fingers and Numb!!!

I have been extremely buzy with work and other Issues i have been taking care of, since im currently injured & i cannot work, i figgered i would take the time to post an update i found and show use, and to apologize for the SERIOUSE lack of updates, i will try my hardest to have as many new updates as possible during my down time. So here we go with some hedgeworx!!

The set uses a matching ivy pattern, it includes straight, diagonal, curved and specialty walls in various sizes, piers in three sizes, spheres, spires, trees and a few other items.  The piers are designed to cover where two wall are at right angles, so that the dreaded ‘texture flashing’ doesn’t occur.  Walls can be stacked.  There’s around 25+ items.

Screenshot by Belotto33

Screenshot by: Belotto33





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