Make Your Own Balloon Set

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Here’s the next set I want to share with you all, my Make Your Own Balloon Set.

Photo Credit: Jdrowlands

It contains three brand new carried items that you can change the textures of to fit your needs. They work exactly like the ingame ones (peeps will let go of them and you can even pop them).

Cotda Creative very kindly donated two texture packs to get you started, Mickey balloons and halloween balloons. To install them, put the two ovl files into Style\Custom\Jdrowlands\MakeYourOwnBalloonSet\. You will need to replace the texture ovls that are there already.

Please be sure to read the readme, as it contains important install information as well as the instructions for changing the textures.

Access forum and files:
View Thread | Download | Mickey Balloons | Halloween Balloons

2 Responses

  1. Brandi Reaves

    how do you put custom balloons (like mickey balloons) in the game step by step

  2. Fartbox

    Can you make a balloon stall that I can use all the Disney balloons at once in? That’d be great! 🙂


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