remii66’s Station set

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Photo Credit: remii66

A kit with many pieces to create a modern looking station. Walls, floors, dividers, rounded corners, etc. Happy building.

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12 Responses

  1. joe

    PLEASE!!! you shouldnt release a set that just one peice like this!
    make them individual pieces!

  2. Joe

    Well maybe could you please put up an individual peice set?
    Otherwise thia set is nearly pointless unless you themeing the ride the same way

  3. remii66

    I am french and my english is not very good ^^
    Thank you for your comments and I am trying to create a pack on RC Racer of disneyland Paris.
    You cannot obtain rooms in individual sorry.
    Good bay !

  4. Dom

    Hey, this is great! Some of the textures are a bit strange, but other than that…


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