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Photo Credit: FunDMental

Photo Credit: FunDMental

Attention all SAW fans, or horror theme enthusiasts. This set will rock your world with all sorts of blood splatters, ride events, animated traps, and all around SAW movie scenery. From the subtle details like cameras, to the full scale moving walls in this set, you won’t be disappointed in the extensive object count in this set. The picture above simply doesn’t do it justice.

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11 Responses

  1. toofpikk

    I’ve fixed it.

    Search sid:siv: guide on youtube and the vanhalen one works!
    Hope all you rollercoaster finatics find help in this!


  2. josh

    is it possible to change or send me another download link? as file den isnt working for me. it looks great by the way 🙂

  3. ryan peterson

    Hi the saw set keeps crashing my game whenever i hover my mouse over the icons, i have the RCT3 Deluxe edition so it should be working, all files are in the correct folders, and i even re-installed the game and yet it still does not work, any ideas? iv’e tried everything i can think of, cept the 1 thing thats works of course lol, please help, look forward to hearing from you, my e-mail is as follows

    many thanks if you can help

    • tyc00n10

      Have you tried turning shadows off? Some rides/scenery don’t like the way shadows render, and thus crash the game. Other times, they just will not work at all. You may be stuck not using it, considering you’ve installed it correctly.

  4. ryan peterson

    hi there, i have downloaded your 4 packs on, but i can not find them in the game, i have the full rct3 deluxe, so with soaked and wild. I put all the 4 files (saw set, ride stunts 1, 2 and 3) in the ParticleEffects

    i have also downloaded dasmatz eurofighter cars and i cant seem to get that to work either, i don’t even know what folder thats supposed to be in.

    what am i doing wrong please help
    mail me back at

    thank you

    • kane

      the file it’s supposed to go into, is /program files/atari/rct3/style/themed/

      & after that, turn on your game, & look for your stuff in walls & buildings(or something like that)
      Boom!! you have SAW SCENARY!

      • matt

        soz m8 but the sets dont work on my comp, every time i open them it freezes, and then says no:SID for :SIV or something, then shuts the game down, ive saved it in the correct position but it still wont work!
        mail me back on

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