CTR_Creator v0.75

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Photo Credit: rct-3.org

Photo Credit: rct-3.org

[From RCT-3.org] This tool helps to create Custom Tracked Rides (short CTR) for RCT3. With version 0.75 CTR-Rides and CTR-Cars can be created (CTR-Tracks will follow later). This version makes install/uninstall of CTRs easy. Now own ride names and icons are supported. Helpful additional information is included in the download.

[TRANSLATED CHANGELOG – thanks to DasMatze]
– CTR-Rides: new keywords TrainCountPreset and StationSyncFlag
– CTR-Rides: Default-Icon “CTR” added
– CTR-Cars: new Keywords CameraLookahead, CameraLATiltfactor, AnimNrRestraintClosedIdle, AnimNrDoorClosedIdle
– Decimalvalues: Now uses up to 3 numbers behind the colon
– GUI: Buttons for the (still deactivated) creation of CTR-Tracks broadened
– Control: Install/Uninstall for an easy administration of all CTRs which are saved on the PC
– CTR-Rides: own Ridenames, -descriptions and -icons possible
– CTR-Rides: Creation of TowerRides activated
– CTR-Rides: Peep-Paths can now be defined with splines
– CTR-Rides: Implementation of tracksections with “Specialcartypes”, which haven’t worked before (look at “List of all TrackSections.txt”)
– CTR-Rides: new keywords ClearanceGauge and NoFluentWaterTexturFlag
– CTR-Cars: new keyword Car_TurnAxisStop added
– AddOns: Support of RCT3-Soaked/Wild with new keywords which belong to them

Made by Markus Lomberg

Update: Link fix: version 0.85 now out.

Access forum and files:
View Thread | Download (version o.85)

14 Responses

  1. stuntboy5293

    hey can u get the ctr creator for mac???plz reply!!!!!! i realy want this!!!!!!

  2. Vortex121

    Wough Your Downloading Dirty Files I had To Do A System Restore! I Did Download It Right. I’d Rather Stic To Normal CTR’s AND CS

  3. Slipknot6102

    i have windows xp and when i click on the download button it comes up to a error 404 page not found and when i click on rct-3.org it says it needs to abort and exits out the page. Please help.

  4. tyc00n10

    What kind of problems are you experiencing? It should work on Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you have a different OS than that, there’s your problem. More details would help solve the problem =p


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