DasMatze's Intamin Wooden Coaster

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Photo Credit: DasMatze

Photo Credit: DasMatze

At last, an Intamin wooden coaster car for all those recreations of “El Toro,” “Beast,” and “Colossus.” Read the readme. It comes as a self executable file (.exe) from DasMatze’s site. You can find it under “Wild Mine Coaster” when you install it. Enjoy.

Access forum and files:
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2 Responses

  1. loltrol

    Ima bit of a noob, ive just found this website and i was wondering how do install this roller coaster, do i just click download? where do i put the file? do i need winrar? please help.

  2. DH

    Yo this is so beastly! It can even do loops! If it could do large loops, that would be the best!


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