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Photo Credit: Krakatoa_Coo

This SAW CTR was originally intended for a personal CTR recreation of Saw: The Ride, which Tom was working on. However, it has now been released to the general public for all to enjoy. Quite accurate if I do say so. It has it’s own icon in the game, so no swapping out cars on the extended track to find it. Credit to KrakatoaCoo for the model, Tomtomtom for textures, and Thatonekid for animation.

Link updated July 18th, 2011

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  1. Dagger

    There is not the 95° drop and the vertical lift.(I’m french and don’t speak english very well 🙁

  2. hello

    how do you put it onto rct3 i downloaded it but as sson as i click on it it goes on to abdobe or somthing plese help!

  3. Robin G.

    For all who have problems with the station

    1- Click on the circle of direction , normal
    2- Make the track
    3- Make a Station
    4- Remove the track
    5- Make your coaster complete


      okay i download this one and insatlled them in the right way
      however i want to use it i open rtc 3 then sandbox to see if its there
      but to my surprise nothing als so when i find an track or ride that i previously installed and want to try that one i get no ssid no sid or something like that
      so how to fix that ?

  4. AbiliTV

    Hi to all who made this possible,

    What an awesome job, and thanks for the hard work put into making this.

    Love all the other CS and rides I am installing also.

    Only one thing the Fear fall and fear fall Double have one the upper track and not the lower track so it looks rather silly. Where do I find the proper track?

  5. DH

    When I tried it it was on an Inverted track! I’ll try to post it sometime. My youtube account is Griffon9085


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