T4L’s Disneyland California Space Mountain Train

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Photo Credit: Tycoon4Life

Photo Credit: Tycoon4Life

Just what the title says, the Disneyland California Space Mountain CTR! Be sure to ‘uninvert’ the track, as it defaults to that upon installing. If you didn’t understand that, you’ll see in the game. Also, there are no restraints to hold the peeps in! Oh no! Don’t worry, those will come with animation as soon as T4L feels comfortable learning it.

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8 Responses

  1. simon

    i download the track and put it on RCT3 but where can i find the coaster? what’s the name of the coaster in game?

    • HeroMKW

      Its in rollercoaster and the ride is a picture of a split coaster, and is named car

  2. Sonex

    I can download your Space Mountain roller coaster?? plis I need it because if you let me thank you very much if you let me clear

    I hope you answer me as soon as possible

  3. Jalen

    I downloaded the ctr and opened it up on the coasters and it was just named cars and when i made the station and started to build the track the Space mountain track was inverted and so was the cars.


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