Tired of looking for Coasterfreak90’s sets? Don’t go anywhere, they’re hosted here.

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I have spectacular news for the RCT community. Recently I have been getting quite a few emails about various sets of Coasterfreak90’s, particularly the Megacoaster, and Griffon CTR’s. I headed to rct-3.org (please take a moment to visit them) to see how their rebuild is coming along. Their downloads section is still being populated. I PMed Coasterfreak90 to see if he would like the sets rehosted here, and boy do I have good news. They can now be found under the downloads section for the future. But for the sake of this post, check inside for links and pictures to all the sets, for convenience of course. All files need to be extracted with WinRAR.

Coasterfreak release


Click below each picture to get the download. And please, if you link from another site, don’t hotlink the files. Link to each post instead.

All photos courtesy of Coasterfreak90. All links open in new windows.

floorless rafting

Floorless Rafting: Download | Post

spinning coaster

Maurer and Sohne Spinning Coaster: Download | Post

wood spinner

Wood Spinner: Download | Post


Griffon CTR & Scenery: Download | Post


Expedition GeFore Megacoaster: Download | Post


Lynet: DownloadPost

As always, thanks for visiting RCTDataBase. Be sure to check out RCT-3.org for more RCT related goodies.

25 Responses

  1. Steven

    How do I add custom scenery to the game? Every time I extract the files and unzip them, then copy them into the Syles/Themed folder, it doesn’t show up on the game. Please help!!

  2. Gabriel

    I have a problem with some ctrs I do have in my game I built it then I finish it boom it crashes it saying rct3 has stopped working please help me come and help to fix it this is not fair

    • unknown

      when you get a download you want, instead of extract to you want to extract here then when you are done drag that folder to the style/themed folder and if it still crashes somethings wrong.

  3. coasterfreakfan

    what do i type in the ctr creator to get the megacoaster cars on the extended track plzzzz i need help

  4. rct3man

    what do i type in the ctr creator to get the Maurer and Sohne Spinning Coaster

  5. coasterfreakfan

    i need help with the lynet ctr
    i dont no how to use the ctr creator
    i need help

  6. Garfiled

    i need help with the ctr griffon becuase i do have it in game i build it and i finish it then the game stoped and it said RCT3 Has stooped working

  7. coasterfreakfan

    i need help with the lynet
    i cant get it to work plzzz i need help!

  8. Brandon

    I’m having a problem with the Griffon and Battle Galleon CTRs.

    An error message for the Griffon coaster comes up and says: CTR_Griffon: track section 0 (0-based) of 335 unresolved: see trr file.

    For the Battle Galleon, it says: CTR_BattleGalleonTrack: track section 0 (0-based) of 38 unresolved: see trr file.

    Do I have to use the txt options cheat for these two, and if so, what track type and sections?

    • Edward

      I have the same problem with Expedition Grizzly.It on the Rollercoaster selection in the game. but when I click it,its says the same thing and exits my game.But I dont have any problems with the battle Galleon, I can use it.

  9. tyc00n10

    Just click the appropriate download link under the pictures. They save as .rar files, so you’ll need WinRAR to extract them. (It’s free – it’s an alternative to winzip).


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