Updated CTR's from DasMatze!

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Attention! If you have downloaded any of DasMatze’s CTR’s in the past: Eurofighter, Old99, Simple Toboggan, Intamin Wooden Coaster, Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster, or the Studio Tour; you’ll need to painlessly redownload them. The release of the new CTR Creator has enabled some bug fixes: custom names and icons, lights, and camera angles. Thankfully all the links are the same, so feel free to click through the threads. If that’s too difficult, then perhaps DasMatze’s page of CTR’s will be more convenient. Discuss this in the thread, or just follow the link below.

Re-download them all here:

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  1. Gazzbarr

    Updated CTR’s from DasMatze… could we have an Updated Link as the one provided DOESN’T WORK NOW!
    Thanks. 😐


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