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 Now available the RCT3 Importer v18b2 and ovlmake v0.5 with a whole load of bug fixes, below is an extensive list of what’s been changed. Perfect for all of you current and upcoming Custom Scenery designers.

Engine (affects both importer and ovlmake)
* [Added] Partial workaround for the 31 mesh limit. Meshes with the same settings will be merged on import.
* [Added] Support for bone weights and meshes assigned to more than one bone
* [Added] Option to automatically update from model files and/or sort bones
* [Added] Reject Blender default animation, bone, texture and spline names
* [Fixed] Sense of rotation matrices corrected for right handed coordinate system
* [Fixed] Animation import from ms3d
* [Fixed] Crash on broken modxml
* [Fixed] Rare-occurring bug that lead to creation of broken ovls
* [Cleaned] Fixed a lot of compiler warnings

* [Added] Right double-click on A to re-auto model bones without confirmation
* [Added] Toggle for the animation display on LODs
* [Added] Detect Problems menu command to find some issues that can lead to a 60% crash or a no sid for svd.
* [Added] More visual flags
* [Added] Some support for moving theme files around. The importer is able to fix the paths of all files if the directory structure did not change.
* [Added] Busy notice while loading or saving scenery files.
* [Added] When changing a bone name in a model window, ask the user if he wants to change the name in other animated models or animations.
* [Fixed] Show selected item in list boxes after update
* [Fixed] Load error for empty matrix stacks
* [Fixed] Prefix missing on returned filename if creating from scenery settings dialog
* [Fixed] Clear prefix when loading old scn file
* [Fixed] Make auto coordinate system from file button work. Also gives somewhat helpful suggestion when no coordinate system information is available.
* [Fixed] Up/down spin controls no longer activated if nothing is selected
* [Fixed] Bugs when trying to load broken modxml files.
* [Fixed] OK and Cancel buttons hidden in bone settings window if the assigend meshes list was too long.
* [Fixed] Prevent errors due to size in squares being set to more than 1.
* [Fixed] Update parents of bones when changing the parent’s name.
* [Removed] The fix orientation matrix is now gone for good as it created a lot of confusion. That removes the use of a default matrix, so that’s gone as well.

* [Added] Support for multi-chunk and multi-animation flats
* [Added] Support for binding sound to scenery
* [Added] Support for custom sound
* [Added] Brief message output format, mostly for evaluation by front-ends
* [Changed] Error report system to give as much error information as available
* [Fixed] Spelling mistakes

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