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Dear loyal RCTDb visitors,

I do realize that I have not updated in over two months. The site is not dead, as I’ve renewed the domain name for another two years. I’m prepared to take the long haul with this site, as it is quite successful in terms of traffic and providing quality content (Google Analytics doesn’t lie) across the globe. Life gets in the way sometimes, between a full time job, upcoming graduation, and job searching, I find less time that I can devote to searching the forums for new stuff. I do appreciate the files that have been sent in during this period. Those will be posted. I’ll make time for it this weekend. And to those wondering if the site is dead via multiple emails I’ve received. No it is not dead, I would like to continue to post on here, but I cannot do it alone anymore. This site took a substantial amount of my time to run, so every bit of help would be greatly appreciated. I sincerely apologize for the lack of updating, but my schedule had become increasingly more difficult to juggle free time.

I have noticed a few fan sites have become password protected, and some have fallen off, but RCTDb’s numbers don’t lie when it comes to reliable, and relevant information. I have though about making the site an open forum where people can post their works (by creating accounts), but then it would turn into a spam board. So I think it should be closed invite and by application only. I’ve had a few members post in the past, but I’m looking for a more regular posting of works. If there is a finished work you see, you can assemble the post and publish it (at set intervals). If you want to continue to better the rest of the RCT community by publishing quality posts like the one’s you’ve read for two years, then please send an email or leave a comment on the post. As long as you are internet savvy and can follow a few guidelines, you’ll be perfect for posting. Who knows, there may even be something in it for you, if you keep it up.

Sound off in the comments. Applications preferred by email, anything and everything else in the comments. (Rants, raves, criticism, anything goes).


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  1. RCT3-Paulo

    RCTDataBase Hello, well I’m always looking at your site and like it very much.
    On my blog, it is below a table of good places to visit. And your site is there.
    I also want to partner with you. Accepted?

  2. KevinCoasterTycoon3

    I have been having some trouble running my site also, perhaps in the future I could help you? I’m talking about when summer rolls around and I’m bored out of my mind.

    For the record, I DO check this site daily when there are posts, but I’ve only been on weekly for the past month. This is a great site and shouldn’t be going down the drain. Someone help T10! 🙂


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