Everyone, say Hello to Jdrowlands!

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As most of you may have read, a short while ago I had requested some additional help with publishing content on this site. This was due to my ever increasing busy lifestyle. A few emails were sent to me, I sifted through them, and I’ve picked the most qualified applicant. There are now two people who will be regularly posting on the site, to bring you the high quality content you desire.

Without further ado, let’s all give a warm welcome to Jdrowlands, the newest member of the RCTDataBase staff! I’m happy to have another individual on board, and this will bring new insight to the website as a whole. Prepare for this week’s lineup, it’s gonna be a good one. This week will be dedicated to all of his custom sets, and we will return to regularly scheduled programming in the following week, with no commercial breaks!

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, welcome messagesdrop a comment below. Thanks.

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