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The past few days I’ve been trying to move the domain to my hosting so all the links look pretty as, but as we all know, technology has a way of being difficult. Being the computer/tech savy person that I am, I couldn’t figure out the problem, so in the process of moving domains around, it needs to re-propagate throughout the internet. So, this is day 1 of the .com being offline. We should be another day or two without it, but not to worry – it will be back soon. For now, you can access it at the forwarded url of – where you’ve been this whole time.

In other news, show some support for the Importer at the Sourceforge community choice awards! (also the next post…). Be sure to vote for “Most likely to change the way you do everything” as the category.

I’ve also taken the liberty to add a few links to some other RCT3 blogs and information sites. If your blog is here and you want to add banner, just shoot me an email –

These sites include:

Anyone else want to be listed here? Let me know. Thanks for reading.

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