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Hey everyone, I’d like to inform you of a few new changes around the site. I’ve been hard at work for a few months putting this together, upgrading from the original WordPress 2.7 layout to a 3.3 layout! Lots of new backend code for me to play with, but more importantly a nice new face of the site. After all, 3 years is a long time to have the same layout for a website. As always, if you’d like to write posts for the site you may (contact me) and I’ll set you up. It’s a new bolder look to the website that should prove to be easier on the eyes with bigger type.

A few notable changes:

  • New downloads section
  • Lots of social media (I’ll host some contests for a few things to giveaway soon)
  • Big, bold type with Google Webfonts!
  • A better sidebar organization
  • Integrated ads in the main post area
  • Soon to have a members area with forum (Mid-summer projection)
  • Widgetized footers which may change in the coming months with social media blocks
  • Posts from here forward will have thumbnail images
  • No more full posts, you must click to read more
  • Better social media integration (like, tweet, etc).
  • Downloads are always open to the public
I’d just like to thank everyone for continuous visits to the site and helping spread the knowledge of all things RCT. Let’s make this version even better! Keep submitting your works, I have a backlog about 15 deep of submissions, so if you’ve sent me anything between November 2011 and now, I’ll have it up as soon as I can. I’d also like to let you know we’ve had over 3 million visits to the site in the 3 years of its lifespan. Those numbers continue to rise.┬áLet’s get to 5 million by December!
All the best and enjoy.

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  1. Jason Knowles

    I have been looking for the Round Footers and the RCT3-Custom Scenery Coaster Goodies, and more. Kinda new to RCT3, but have noticed a lot of the web pages for downloads have been pulled or closed my government. Please can you help me out here. I would love every download known to man, but I will work with the first two or three. Thank you so much.


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