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After a month long hiatus from the site, I’ve returned with the scheduled updating. Most of this lag was due to a hefty amount of time being spent on my college design projects, where I was in the studios for long hours of each day. I needed to work on those so I can get a decent grade, and get a job upon my graduation. So that is the real work that needed to be done. I will try my best to juggle my time and provide some more updates. But for the lack of updates the past month, I apologize. Thank you to those who have emailed me your sets, videos, and files. They will all go up in the order received, as of yesterday.

I am happy with the continual growth in popularity of the website. Being online for almost 2 years is a milestone, and the fans of the game are truly the best inspiration and help keep this site alive. So the site will be around for at least another 2 years. Again, the goal of this site is provide reliable information to recently released sets, videos, tracks, parks, etc. in an organized and coherent manner.

Assistance with the site would be appreciated. I’ve called upon this before, and duties would include crawling forums for newly released sets and posting them. It’s not difficult, and probably takes anywhere from 10-30 mins out of a day. So if you’re interested in volunteering to help out, please contact me. We can go into further detail about all the tasks at hand.

Let’s keep this site going strong!
At least 5,000 people a day agree =]


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