Quick Update: Site maintenance

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I’ve been tinkering with the site lately… hopefully solving all cross-browser issues. I know the layout may not be anything spectacular as of now, but it’s the content that matters… right? I sure hope so. However I’m running low on resources. I will sign up to be affiliates with multiple RCT sites in the coming month, and hopefully they go through.

Please help me out and send in some helpful links, or just ask to be part of the blog – editor(s) always welcome. I can only crawl so many sites at once you know =p

You may have noticed a now centered layout. This proves to be much more efficient in terms of screen real estate, because now it fits to your window, however wide it may be. I was used to looking at flush left sites, and then they all changed to centered. It must be a fad. As you may also have noticed, ads are now up, top right and above the footer. Those will stay for some time, and more may be added accordingly.

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