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I’ve been lacking in the updating department this month, but then again it was a busy time of year. Moving out of college (to go back for one more year), taking the oh-so-wonderful final exams, settling down at home, and starting my summer internship, not to mention summer in general. I just haven’t quite had the time to publish as many updates as I would like to. Especially the YouTube Tuesday videos. I missed a few of those, and I’m sure you’re all greatly disappointed about that. Submissions to the the support email would greatly increase your chances of the video/set/park/track appearing here – no matter what level of work you posses. It’s getting pretty difficult to lurk all the forums to bring you guys quality updates, and with your help, we can promote all kinds of new work.

So bear with me this month, and June should bring some additional quality updates. I have 10 new(ish) sets to put up. Some have already seen them, but for our non-atari/sgw/lounge readers it will be a treat.

Send me your submissions!
I might even have a volunteer blog poster spot open to help spread quality roller coaster tycoon content on the site. *wink wink* (apply to be one). Just send an email to the support address telling why you’d be a great candidate for blog posting here, and what you would do to make a difference. It is unpaid, as I have a minimal income from the site, and bills to pay =p. This will not only help me, but greatly help the RCT community.

In other technical news:
-Wordpress 3.0 is coming out (yay!) and I’ve tinkered with the beta. Lots of new features in it. Maybe I’ll even create another theme for this site, to update it a bit. We’re a little over a year old!
-traffic has skyrocketed in the last few months ~40,000 visitors last month, and coming up to 50,000 this month
-on May 2nd we had 2,684 visitors. I don’t know what they feed you guys, but keep coming back!
-RCTDB has 404 posts, 6 pages, 20 categories, 157 tags, and 186 comments to date.

Thank you all for your continued support.
Email me if you’re interested in being an author as well.

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