Site updates & tune ups.

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Recently, there has been a bit of tuning up under the hood of the site. A few broken links have been fixed, a few more articles added, along with other miniscule changes to the layout you probably haven’t even noticed.

Now included in the single posts (when you click on them) are related articles to other scenery items/ctrs/cfrs/etc. in the same “tagging” category as listed. Hopefully this will help spread the work of the creators in a more efficient manner.

Also, the contact page has been updated to include a brief synopsis of how the site operates. Nothing by my own personal work is hosted here, and it will stay that way, unless there are some extenuating circumstances, or someone really needs to be hosted – when all other options aren’t available. Advertising rates have been lowered to $10/mo., based on the ratio of hits to content. Go read the contact page if you’re interested in that.

I’d also like to make note of link sharing and approval for posting about individual’s objects. If there is an issue, please email me if you have a problem with the posts, I will gladly take them down at your request.

Questions/comments/suggestions – leave them in the comments.

Happy halloween, happy building, and happy creating.
-T10 (RCTDB Owner)

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