Vodhin.org back up and running

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Photo Credit: Vodhin

Photo Credit: Vodhin

UPDATE: As of July, 2010 – Vodhin.org is offline. See this post for details.

UPDATE: As of the year 2010, Vodhin’s RCT3 Community Pages have returned.

I know a few of you have sent emails to me regarding Vodhin’s site being down. Well, worry no more, as the site is now back up and fully functional. However, there is a download limit for non-members which resets every 24 hours. This is a safety measure on Vodhin’s end to ensure the server stays up and he doesn’t get charged extra (if that’s the case). That would be a shame, since all of this material is offered for free. So, be kind, and if you have reached your daily quota, simply return the next day and finish up what you needed.

Take me to Vodhin’s Community Pages!

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  1. tyc00n10

    The site is still being reconstructed. This is an older post you may have found through google or some other search engine. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope it comes back online soon. Please see this post for more.


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