Realistic Bloom Mod v001 [BETA]

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Photo Credit: RickDvZ

Are you tired of that overly blown out bloom look? Perhaps this mod will enhance your vision. The aim was realism, and it has captured that through deeper darks, and more appropriately accented lights. Be sure to turn off regular bloom in RCT3, then activate this one with Shift+F12.

Access forum and files:
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7 Responses

  1. Silver

    Ummm… The website says the links have been removed.

    Can you personally host this file or something?

    • tyc00n10

      Unless strict written permission is granted from the author, I do not upload files to the server. I’ll try and contact him.

      • RCT3fAn

        hmmmm…Iwas so exited to download it but the file is no more

      • Aaron

        Hi can you still get this file? i was after the 32 bit version but i cannot find it anywhere anymore. I’ve been after some mods that make rct3 looks realistic, i have a gtx TITAN and want to push this game to the max in direct X 9.

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