Summer Showdown 2009 – Challenge 1

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Photo Credit: n747

Photo Credit: n747

The first challenge is here! Fire up your computers contestants, its time to grind those mouse wheels and pound those keys until you see a finished product. The first challenge is as follows (quoted from the competition thread):

Summer is all about being outdoors. Whether it’s playing, swimming, or cooking, great parties happen outside in summer. Along that idea, your first challenge is to create a restaurant that specializes in some sort of outdoor cooking. Maybe you want a southern BBQ pit that is famous for pulled pork. Maybe you’re catering to the vegetarian/vegan crowd with grilled tofu and special corn on the cob. Perhaps you’re a little more exotic and want to have a Hawaiian Luau every night. Me, I like to keep it simple: a nice pool party. Either way, the restaurant you come up with has a few criteria and considerations to keep in mind


  • Each restaurant must include a special cooking area, such as a grill/smoker that will prepare your unique cuisine.
  • Theme it to fit the style of food you being served. (This theme will become the theme for your entire park, so CHOOSE CAREFULLY!)
  • You must include an outdoor seating area, since this is summer, after all.
  • Get creative, and have fun!

Let’s get started!
Additional coverage – in the thread.

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