Coasterfreak’s Station Platform

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Photo Credit: coasterfreak

Photo Credit: coasterfreak

Don’t be fooled by the picture. There’s no in game shots yet, but this set is sure to spice up your stations. Includes a booth, straight, and sloped pieces. Get it while it’s hot!

Access forum and files:
View Thread | Download (Mirror #1) Download (Mirror #2)

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  1. jayke

    Would be good but it freezes the game whenever I open it,does anyone know how I could solve this

    • Michael

      The reason is Sid for svd (I might of gotten that wrong.) Reinstall it in youy Style/Themed folder. And dont put it in one of the folders in themed. (Like Wild West, Spooky, etc.)

    • Xander

      jayke you need to put it through a cs folder that fixes it i forgot what its called but you have to download it if i find it i’ll send you the link of the site

  2. Lewis

    EVeryone go on the thread if the download mirrors dont work and click the yellow smiley face at top 🙂

  3. mike geary

    when i click on download it takes me to this one website and says i have to b a member in order to download this PLAESE HELP!

  4. pamal mangat

    love the pack i recomend it it makes you coaster look really realistic

  5. Tom Northwood

    I am just wonderin wher u save this to on vista… ive looked on youtube and thers no vids can u PLZ help me! ILL BE GRATEFUL!

    • ya mum

      save it to downloads and then when you extract it, click “browse” then go into C: program files/ atari/ RCT3 / style /themed/ and DO NOT save the zip to themed, put it in downloads then EXTRACT the files themed k 🙂 if you save it you will get no svd for suv thingy


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