Revolutionary Rides: MM-DR & MM2-DR Released

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Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn & Fisherman

Photo Credit: ImagineerJohn & Fisherman

The first two rides from Revolutionary Rides have been released. The MM-DR and MM2-DR come in a two pack, and run on the robo-coaster track. Enough with the talk, go download it, but follow the directions in the readme.

Download the rides now.

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  1. tyc00n10

    Ah, my mistake. Thanks for the heads up. Don’t want to confuse anybody else. I’ve fixed the text to read MM-DR & MM2-DR now, which is what it was supposed to be. I should really proof-read a bit more next time =]

  2. justin29119

    The X-DR is not yet released, because i read on ataricommunity and it said only the MM-DR and the MM2-DR was released. also if u try to download the X-DR nothing will happen


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