Coasterfreak90s Lynet CTR

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Photo Credit: Coasterfreak90

Photo Credit: Coasterfreak90

Check out this CTR, another fantastic creation from Coasterfreak90. You must use the CTR creator to place this car on the track of your choice.

Access files:

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  1. leroy

    I’ve Lynette rollercoaster downloaded, I can not get a folder when I instaler do so but I only have one folder I do not know where I encourage him set and I have to folle term verci and I can not get into the read me stood thing (send your courage for permission first) now may I ask, I hereby authorize

  2. Matthew

    ah ¬¬ needing help, the Lynet CTR don’t work i think just have the Car not the track then imma confused xP…
    Plz help =S

  3. coasterfreakfan

    can you tell me how to use the ctr creator because i cant do it right plzzzz help me


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