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Photo Credit: DasMatze

Photo Credit: DasMatze

This is a fully custom Eurofighter car designed and imported by DasMatze. It all started as an unofficial project, but finally made its way into RCT3. Definately a must for you coaster enthusiasts. A video is available on YouTube.

Update: Now with wooden skin! View here

Update 2: Now with downloadable template for your customization! The winning design gets imported!
Please read the directions fully in the thread. There are a few steps so listen carefully.
Get the template design here:

Download and view thread here:

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  1. tyc00n10

    Hi! You’re my first [human] to comment on the blog! Cool!!! People read it!

    Anyway, to move along with your problem, DasMatze had just re-released all of his CTR files as .exe self extractors, so maybe you caught it in the midst of transfer. Perhaps re-download it and see if all works out well. I tried it on my computer (I’m on a mac -> running windows XP) and it extracted fine, got all the files and could move files into the atari folder. I saved mine and extracted it to the desktop… maybe that would be easier, anyway… Heres the readme info:
    Installation: Put the folders “Tracks” and “Cars” into the main diretory of RCT3 (C:\Programs\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon 3\ or wherever you installed it).
    Put the file “[CTR_DasMatze_Eurofighter]The Highest Wave.trk” into MyDocuments\RCT3\Coasters. That’s it.

    The Eurofighter will show up with the VerticalFallCoaster Icon and the Tower-Coaster Name and Description. To build a normal station place a straight piece first and then build the station.
    Hopefully, that information clears it up, but if not, please don’t hesitate to send another reply!

  2. woopman

    HEY i put this into my documents n then when i try to run it it aways says importent my thing…/My documents/Eurofighter.exe is not a valid Win32 application. any ideas ? plz reply quick


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