Expedition GeForce Megacoaster CTR

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Photo Credit: Coasterfreak90

Photo Credit: Coasterfreak90

A brand new megacoaster CTR for us all! Modeled after Expedition GeForce’s trains at Holiday Park. Lots of goodies like ride event brakes and connectors used in typical construction. Also a few props to complement Moby’s Steel Jungle.

Access files:

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  1. TB

    Sorry, it seems like the download isn’t working again, when I click the link on this page it takes me to the download information but when I click the orange download button I get a 404 error. (URL for the page which doesn’t work is http://rctdb.com/wp-content/files/hosted/Megacoaster.zip). Thanks for running this website BTW, it’s a great resource for RCT players.

    • tyc00n10

      It looks as if some file paths got remapped. I’ve fixed this one, and I’ll continue to look into the others. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. noah

    hey does this work for windows 7??? whenever i download it it tells me to download something…plz help!!

  3. burnsy boy

    i need help with this it comes up with CTR yellow and CTR orange also CTR megacoaster where do i movie to please please help


  4. Nathan

    Hey CoasterFreak90,

    I’m having a little trouble with the event breaks. How do I make it so they don’t open? I’m experimenting and it’s getting a little confusing. Can I choose for them to open or close? I’m using them as launch magnets. Can I do that? Sorry, I just need a little help!


  5. Jorge

    Hey I need help (I dont have WinRar)so when I open the file its just a bunch of letters and signs ,and I dont know what to do with them!!!please help!!!


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