Calling all participants, the Forum is open!

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That’s right, the official RCTDb forum now has it’s doors wide open. You may have seen the small link appear a while ago for the forums, but I wanted to announce that the forums are fully configured and ready for audience participation. I know there are many other forums available for RCT, but this is another chance to start anew and showcase some work. As they fill up, sidebar widgets will be created, and eventually a module between the post area on the homepage. I’ve included a few sections you should all be familiar with, along with an affiliate area for people to post referral links. Many forums don’t allow that kind of “advertising”, this one does. Just don’t go crazy bumping it everyday. Aside from that, you can post whatever kinds of RCT related materials you want. If there is a section you’d like to see added, contact me and I’ll work it in somehow. I hope to have this forum integrated with the homepage of the site as it fills up, so lets see what you’ve got!

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