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So here lies the question, for all of you who may or may not be reading this, would you prefer me to update using direct links to the files, along with the thread they are posted in? The problem with that is if there’s an update, I may not be in check with it, thus linking to an ‘incorrect’ version. However, I will do my best to keep them up-to-date with your help. Leave some comments, let me know people are actually reading this.

According to my stats, we’ve had over 475 visitors last month alone, a steady climb from about 250 inĀ August, and a huge accomplishment since July – 32 visitors. This month we’re half-way to last months benchmark, but I’m looking to double it. Let’s see 1000 visitors by the end of October!

Link sharing is an option, I’ve got plenty of space in the sidebar for ads, and links… maybe the cost can be waived if the sites are fairly new and not much traffic – hey, you gotta start somewhere!

So in a nutshell, direct links… or not, you decide. I will NOT post direct links until I see some comments. So get posting!

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