Hurricane update

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Just a heads up on the posting situation, or lack thereof. The hurricane took out power to a large area where I live and I have not had internet since Saturday. Just a quick post on the go to keep updated.

And I have received all of your emails regarding hosting sets, parks, and files. They will go up sometime in the near future.


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  1. Thomas

    That sounds Bad! The hurrnican hit NYC and man, the strong wind was all the way aqt my house in Pissford. (No Dammage) Besides we cam back from Keuka Lake when the Hurrnican hit NYC. I hope your house has no damage.

    • tyc00n10

      Thanks Thomas. I work in the city, basically evacuated the whole southern area on Friday. No damage, just no power for 5 days. (luckily had a generator to keep food cold/frozen). I finally have power back on as of last night. I’ll be making updates on the Labor Day weekend!


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